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Our Prayers Go With Them: the 2018 Veterans Art Exhibit

We are really proud of our annual tradition hosting an exhibit that focuses on the experiences of veterans. It opens with a reception held on November 17, 2018. And for those who may not have been here before, we're at 311 E Main St in Hogansville. As usual, there will be lots of interesting art, great food and great company. It's a perfect way to spend the Saturday evening between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving Day.

This exhibit seeks to explore, express and honor the veteran experience before, during or after conflict. Most artists focus on American veterans but that isn't required. My piece to the left is a rendition of photographs depicting a charge of the British 29th division in World War I, for example. Subject matter often ranges from purely historical, such as the piece above, to far more personal themes that depict the experiences of veterans in the artist's family. I feel like I have to say this every year, but it is not our intent to make social or political commentary on international conflict or the military in general. For the individual soldier, those matters are the luxury of those far away from the conflict itself: "theirs not to make reply/theirs not to reason why/theirs but to do and die."

​The title of this year's show comes from a letter written from the hospital ship USS Sanctuary in 1967 by Lt. Claire Cronin of the US Navy Nurse Corps.

"We have seen many tragic cases and marvel at the spirit of these fine young men. They are so grateful for hot food, showers, and a bed to sleep in. Once a week we send our Air-Evac patients home and those fully recovered back to duty. There's always a lump in our throat when they leave, especially for those who must return to duty. Our prayers go with them."

This is our third year hosting this exhibition and it seems to get more special every year. I always assume that people want art to mean something or to have it resonate with them in some way. Well at this exhibit, I can almost guarantee you just such an experience. Please come join us.

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