Unseen: An Exhibit of Local Art
5/7/22 to 6/11/22
Tami untitled.jpg

We are excited for our upcoming May exhibit. It's a little unique from our most recent offerings because this one doesn't hue to a particular theme. We are throwing the doors wide open and allowing a team of local artists to display works in multiple mediums on any subject they choose.


Lately we've done shows with a unifying theme but in this case, the theme is very simple: put up something new, innovative, experimental, risky, what have you. Some artists will really put themselves out there, others will return to their roots. We're really looking forward to what they bring. 


We will open the exhibit with a reception on May 7, 2022 from 6 to 8 pm.  

As usual, there will be lots of food, drink, and conversation. It's free and open to the public so come Join us!