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A Good Soldier is on display until after the Holidays

We were once again honored with an incredible turnout at our latest exhibit. As I said earlier, "A Good Soldier" was a tribute in art to our veterans. All the contributing artists were excited to take part and we were very gratified at the number of veterans who attended, some of whom saw it as tribute to their fallen brothers and sisters. To my knowledge, this is a unique event in our area and we aim to grow it into an annual tradition, complete with fundraisers for the local VFW. Mayor Bill Stankiewicz welcomed the crowd then State Rep Bob Trammell gave a tribute speech. He mentioned how art has a way to impact us that words do not, pointing out that what we owe our veterans is as much a matter of heart than words. That is exactly what we were going for with this show. We look forward to next year's event, situated between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving Day again. The show hangs until after Christmas, hope you can come by and see it!

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