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The opening reception of BonaFide was probably one of our favorite shows so far. Thea arranged an outstanding spread of food and drink to complement her beautiful art and a very large crowd came out to support her. I could tell she was humbled and grateful and so were we. Alicia Hill at the LaGrange Daily News did a nice review, which you can read here. If you're able to see the exhibit, which is on display through June 10, you'll first be struck by here incredible colors. But look a little longer and you'll love the various moments she captured as well: a young woman wearing a carefree face as she endures chemo, a daughter drawing Sharpie tattoos on her father, the gaze of a female WWII pilot. Those hang alongside some great Native American images and a few famous faces, like Jack Nicholson and Amy Whinehouse. Come by!

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