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Under One Sky: Eight Views of Nature

I'm WAY late to blogging about our current exhibition. Under One Sky is our first ever photography exhibit at the gallery, it opened with a very nice reception on August 19 and will hang until the end of this week. Eight outstanding photographers contributed photographs of nature and I'm really happy with how well the pieces blended with each other.

I don't usually try to 'say' anything with my art and we don't host exhibits for the purpose of promoting an idea or philosophy. But I really like the serenity this one promotes. We live in a crazy world and it seems to get more distressing every day. But this pieces reminded me of what a beautiful, serene, and incredibly intricate world we live in. We hope this exhibit provides a quiet escape from all the bad news out there and opens up a quiet, pleasant world to everyone who views it. Great job all who contributed!

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