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Mighty & Humble

This month we will host our second annual art exhibit dedicated to veterans. Mighty & Humble: An Artistic Tribute to Veterans will open with a reception on November 18 at 6 pm. If the planning stages are any guide, this will be a bigger and more moving show than last year's effort. That first show was entitled "A Good Soldier," a phrase taken from a speech by General George S. Patton. The title for this year's show is inspired by a quotation from World War II historian Max Hastings, a line that captures what we're hoping to accomplish with a show of this nature.

"Those of us who have never been obliged to participate in a great war seem wise to count our blessing and incline a bow to those, mighty and humble, who did so."

Some of our artists chose famous military faces for their subjects. Others chose to depict one of the many anonymous soldiers who have been sent to far flung parts of the world in times of conflict. And some have chosen a more personal route and chose family members or friends who have served. If all of that isn't enough, we have several drawings and paintings done by veterans to reflect their experience in combat. We think this will make for a very moving exhibit. Moving is what we always hope art will be anyway.

I hasten to add that we're not asking anyone to be "pro-war," if there even is such a thing. We're not making a political statement of any kind, actually. We just want to use our talents to capture a veteran's experience, hoping that will serve as a suitable thank you. It is our way of 'inclining a bow' to those "mighty and humble" in our own way. We hope you'll join us.

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